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Neil Davie M.Sc.

FB Ingenieur- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften | Meschede

Koordinator Ausbildung Fremdsprachen

  • LBA - Business Communication Skills, Business English, Technical English
  • Blended Learning - Beratung und Unterstützung von Lehrenden, Infoveranstaltungen, Schulungen und Workshops

Latest News

Pub English - is a regular meeting held in a pub where students can talk about anything they want as long as it is in English. This is your chance to talk with other students in a more relaxed atmosphere. Join us for a drink, meet new people and chat about anything you like. All students are welcome regardless of semester, subject or English ability. Check back here regularly or on facebook for details of the next meeting.

Erasmus exchanges - the FH has partner universities all over Europe offering one or two-semester exchanges for students of ALL subjects. If you are interested in going abroad see the full list of Partnerunis. At some universities it is even possible to graduate there so you end up with two degrees - one from the FH and one from your host university.

Weitere Infos


Welcome to the International Business Semester in Meschede.International

The South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences in Meschede is delighted to welcome international students to our business department for a one or two-semester exchange program. In Meschede we currently have about 1,400 full-time students studying business, mechanical engineering or electrical engineering at both Bachelor and Master level. We also offer innovative degree programs which combine business and engineering components.

These are many good reasons to come to Meschede for an international semester:

  • Personal educational experience
  • Pleasant, friendly community
  • Small class sizes
  • Great student living conditions
  • No tuition fees
  • Modern buildings and facilities


Complete this form (pdf) to apply for a place on the international semester.
Completed applications should be sent to Kerstin Sobkowiak.

Summer Semester 2024

The following English-language 6-credit modules are planned for the summer semester 2024:

  • Agile Project Management
  • Business English
  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • International Marketing & Strategy
  • Market Research Project - Photovoltaic (including an excursion to Intersolar Europe trade fair in Munich)


If you have any questions about the international semester or would like further information please contact Neil Davie, either by email: davie.neil@fh-swf.de or by telephone: 0049 291 9910 4791.

For further information on the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences please visit our English Language Website.


Excursion 2024 - China (in planning)

Excursion 2023 - Scotland

Excursion 2022 - Scotland

Excursion 2019 - China

Excursion 2018 - Scotland

Excursion 2016 - Scotland

Excursion 2015 - South Africa

Excursion 2014 - Scotland

Excursion 2013 (summer) - Scotland

Excursion 2013 (spring) - Deep South USA

Excursion 2011 - Scotland

Excursion 2010 - Midwest United States & Canada

Excursion 2009 - Scotland

Excursion 2008 - Ireland