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NYIT Summer Exchange

Study Abroad – Come to New York!


We are delighted to announce that after a long COVID-19 pandemic, the NYIT Summer Exchange is happening again in the summer of 2023! The exchange is offered for all semesters of all Bachelor and Master programs of the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences that contain or even to a small degree are related to the economics and business administration domains! The registration ends on the 30th of April 2023, the number of places is limited! For more details we cordially invite you to visit our dedicated Moodle course (Key: NYIT) or contact us directly if you prefer.

Based on a Memorandum of Understanding our partner University New York Institute of Technology now offers students from Fachhochschule Südwestfalen the opportunity to study abroad at the heart of Manhattan! To become a student of the NYIT School of Management is a truly international experience in one of the most exciting cities worldwide.

Becoming part of the international student body and benefiting from our well-established network allows our students to experience NY in a way which exceeds the purely touristic perspective. Courses on recent topics provide an attractive further education, credit transfer is possible.

"The Summer Exchange 2023 topic: Practicum in Business Domain in Collaboration with the Local Businesses on Manhattan"

Options range from 3-week-intensive courses to longer stays and can be combined with internships. Please join the NYIT Cooperation Moodle Course for latest announcements and to have an opportunity to decide the topic for the next exchange (password: NYIT).

NYIT - Right in the Heart of Manhattan!

Spark your intellectual curiosity and expand your skills in an intensive summer course in New York! You have an opportunity to connect to the energy of the one of the most exciting cosmopolitan cities in the world for over 3 weeks.

The program takes place in July-August post the exam period of the Fachhochschule Südwestfalen, at the Manhattan campus of New York Institute of Technology. This places you in the heart of the global capital of culture, finance, and technology right during the semester break, which offers an opportunity for networking in an international community of motivated students, taking part in the business trips, intellectual enrichment, achieving academic credits, meeting new friends, and all this while having enough time for entertainment activities!

The subject of the course changes based on your preferences each year, you can find out more information as well as decide the topic for the next program in the NYIT Summer Course Moodle course (password: NYIT)!

Feedback from our Students

Ekaterina Yurkova

"I decided to take part in the Digital marketing course at NYIT to gain an international exposure and expand my knowledge gained during the masters course in Germany. The possibility to explore a new country and culture and meet new international friends makes the course even more attractive. An extensive activity package which helps to get to know the city better along with business trips to obtain practical knowledge in New York are going to keep us very busy and guarantee unforgettable experience. I am looking forward to this trip and very excited to be a NYIT student."

Oleksandr Prokhorov

"When I saw the package of the NYIT summer 2019 exchange program, I understood that it was a no-brainer. Undoubtedly a great opportunity to spend almost a month in New York exploring one of the greatest cities in the world while expanding my own knowledge in relevant subjects. It is also a very nice chance to experience an American approach to lecturing, develop some new connections and experience a multicultural environment. The homework load and free time were perfectly balanced, which allowed me to earn some academic credits and also have some free time for my own agenda as well as take part in an entertainment program prepared by the NYIT. A month is not such a short period, however, the density of events, their variety, and speed of life are so owerwhelming in New York that this month has passed very quickly. I would definitely be happy to join the program again next year!"

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