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International Summer School Soest

Welcome to the International Summer School Soest!

The German economy, culture and more ...

In an era defined by rapid globalization and increasing intercultural exchanges, the power of understanding diverse economic landscapes has never been more critical.

The ISSS program provides a unique blend of academic learning and practical exposure, focusing on the intricacies of the German and European economies. Spanning two weeks, the program features a rich tapestry of lectures (45h), workshops, company visits and cultural activities designed to delve into the European Monetary Policy, the International Financial System, European Integration, Foreign Trade, Intercultural Business communication, and German business best practices. Company visits make an important part of the program and give an impressive experience of what makes the regional South Westphalian but also Ruhr area economy strong. Participants will not only gain invaluable insights into the driving forces behind one of Europe's most dynamic economic regions but also enjoy a vibrant cultural exchange and networking opportunities with international peers from our university which is achieved through a program of extracurricular activities.

This comprehensive approach promises a transformative educational experience, setting the stage for future academic and professional successes.

We have learning agreements with NYIT and SCSU which allow you to earn credits at your home university. Please contact Prof. Jiang (NYIT) or Prof. Muthuraj (SCSU) for details. Our target groups are primarily students at the New York Institute of Technology (Manhattan) and students at the Southern Connecticut State University (New Haven), but we also welcome others who are interested.

In 2018, we held our 10th Summer School here in Soest. In Spring 2024, students from our University had the opportunity to join a two-week programme at the New York Institute for Technology for the first time after the Covid crisis! In Summer 2024 we will be honoured to welcome International students for our 12th edition of the Summer School in Soest!


The International Summer School offers different lectures and workshops for our international student target groups. The program combines high quality studies with a wide range of cultural and leisure activities. The following subjects will be discussed with a special focus on the European economy:

  • Introduction to the German Economy
  • European integration and Financial Policy
  • Intercultural communication – German business etiquette
  • Introduction to the European Monetary Policy
  • Foreign Trade – a European Perspective
  • Cryptocurrencies and European Central Bank Independency
  • Special fields of the German economy such as retail, automotive, media, engineering and the stock market
    • Recent Trends in Retail Trading and its Impacts on the Financial Markets
    • Energy Transition & the Path to Net Zero – a German Perspective

Campus Impressions

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Welcome to the Campus Soest!

Company Visits

Company visits always make an important part of the program and give an impressive experience of what makes the regional South Westphalian but also Ruhr area economy strong.

(Big picture: Company visit Vogtland, Hagen.
Small picture: Company visit Warsteiner Brewery, Warstein.)

Culture/Leisure Activities
The leisure program will perfectly balance the academic part of the program and will provide students with a vivid impression of German culture and way of life.

  • City tours in Soest, Dortmund, Cologne, Münster and Berlin
  • Visit to the Sparrenburg in Bielefeld and to Möhnesee
  • Bowling Night, pub tour, cinema visit etc.
  • Evening program with international students from the Soest campus
  • Raft-building
  • Visit to a TV studio in Berlin

Roman Germanic Museum, Cologne

Soccer Stadium, Dortmund

Bundespresseamt, Berlin

Industrial Park, Duisburg

Enjoying German food

Brandenburger Tor, Berlin

Visit to parliament, Berlin

A walk inside the dome, parliament, Berlin

Registration and Fees

The fee includes all lectures and workshops, the accommodations (11 nights in a hotel in Soest and 3 nights in a hotel in Berlin, breakfast included) printed lecture materials, company visits, other joint activities, the train to Berlin, all bus transfers, as well as airport transfer. Participation fee per student and discounts for groups (>5) are offered upon inquiry.

In Germany it is not always possible to pay with your credit card. Banks are closed on the weekend, so you will not be able to change money on the weekend. Please bring at least 100 EUR in cash with you.

Room and Board


In Soest you will be provided with an accommodation in spacious double rooms. In Berlin we provide an accommodation in a hotel in double rooms as well. Single rooms are available upon request (additional charges apply).


Breakfast offered at the hotel is included in the fee. Lunch is served at the university cafeteria. You have a choice of 5 different dishes including vegetarian dishes. The price varies from 2.00 EUR to 5.00 EUR according to choice. In the evening our students assistants show you options for supper around town, e.g. in the city center for approximately 5.00 – 12.00 EUR.

Taxes and service fees are always included in the price shown in the menu.

The temperature in summer is usually about 70°-85°Fahrenheit.

Feedback from our students

Aamir Bankapur

NYIT, New York

"From studying in the heart of New York City to experiencing 2 weeks of study abroad program in the chilled out and positive setting of the University in Soest, it was a lifetime experience. Prof. Dina Dreisbach along with her student assistant took care of all our needs and made us feel like at home. It was interesting to learn about the European economy, German history and the interactive sessions during our industrial visits to various companies. Kudos to Fachhochschule Südwestfalen, Soest."

Shunan Hu

NYIT, New York

“It’s really hard for me to say which is my favorite part about summer school, because I love all of them. I love Prof. Dina’s lecture. From the lecture, you can have the view about European finance from outside to inside. I love visiting companies most, through visiting the factories, you can combine management knowledge with real world together. I love visiting museum, through the tutor’s speaking, you can learn European history and culture. I want to say this is the best summer school I have ever had.Very tense and enjoyable. As an international student, I feel you have to join this program, take opportunities or you miss a fortune."