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Research Areas

at South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences

Research Focuses and Research Areas

On this page you will find contact details for the main research areas in which the university is currently active, as well as an overview of current project examples.

The three areas listed on the HRK research map represent particular focuses on the basis of project income and third-party funding revenue

  • Applied agricultural research and environmental engineering
  • Digital transformation of the economy
  • Sustainable production

These research areas are characterised by continuous and active research, transfer and publication activities.

Applied agricultural research and environmental engineering

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Agricultural biotechnology

Agricultural economics, in particular business management, agricultural markets, agricultural politics

Agriculture and process engineering

Rural development

Sustainable animal and plant product production

Environmental process engineering, wastewater treatment

Current project examples: Applied agricultural research and environmental engineering

Sustainable production

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Plastics engineering

Forming engineering

Generative manufacturing processes

Joining technology

Current examples: Sustainable production

Further research areas

Digital production and logistics


Supply chain management and digitalisation of the supply chain


Industry 4.0

Autonomous / intelligent systems

Fuzzy technologies

Industrial and biotechnological image processing, computer vision

Current project examples: Digital production and logistics

Lighting applications

Lighting technologies (LED)

Current project examples: Lighting applications

Material applications and surface technology

Bio- and nanotechnology

High-strength steels, heat treatment

Plastics processing: thermoplastic and thermoset processing

Corrosion and surface engineering

Current project examples

Digital transformation of the working world

Competence and change management

Current project examples: (Digital) transformation of the working world

Early childhood education

Participation and inclusion

Designing, developing and evaluating inclusive early childhood education in a diversity-sensitive way with a focus on participation, involvement and empowerment.

Current project examples: Participation and inclusion

Early STEM education

Topics relating to early maths, IT, science (sustainable) and technology education

Current project examples: Early STEM education

Media education

Media education is a highly research-intensive discipline. Continuous bursts of innovation and further development in media and technologies create a variety of opportunities to explore the interrelationship between people, media and technologies. Research can be project-related via funding institutions or collaborations, as well as a field of individual research activities and professionalisation, which is often disseminated in publications and lectures. Project and cooperation-related research activities are summarised on these research pages. Information on publications, publications and other research-related activities can be found on the websites of the professors and employees.

Research focus on media education

The research area Media Education explores the various aspects of media and education: such as education in the context of digitalisation, early informatics education, etc. The following professors and employees work in this research field:

Current projects

  • Kooperationsbeziehungen mit der Qualitäts- und Unterstützungsagentur - Landesinstitut Schule (QUA-LiS) im Bereich der medienpädagogischen Fort- und Weiterbildung von Lehrkräften.
  • International Quality Control Monitor (IQCM) „International Computer and Information Literacy Study (ICILS 2023)“ (Beteiligung in Deutschland im Rahmen der Haupterhebung der international vergleichenden Schulleistungsstudie
  • Klasse! Digital - Ganzheitliche Schul- und Unterrichtsentwicklung für heute und morgen“ (Beteiligung im Expert*innenrat
  • Digitale Bildungsmedien NRW (Beteiligung im Rahmen der wissenschaftlichen Begleitung des Onboardings digitaler Unterrichtsreihen in Moodle/LMS-Kursen für alle Schulformen und Schulstufen des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen) (Ministerium für Schule und Bildung des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalens)
  • Keine Bildung ohne Medien e. V.
Media didactics

The area of Media Didactics focusses in particular on the use of media for teaching and learning purposes. Various formal and informal contexts are considered and their effects analysed. The following professors and employees work in this field of research:

Current projects

Media socialisation

The importance of media in people's everyday lives is the research interest of Media Socialisation. Questions include how people socialise in the light of multi-layered digital cultures and how ongoing digitalisation processes shape self-images, routines and other points of reference. The interaction between people and media is often at the centre of these considerations. The following professors and employees work in this field of research:

Applications of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) and data science

Current project examples

  • KI4Mes
    Anwendungen künstlicher Intelligenz


Sensor applications

Health technology, ethics

Medical engineering

Current project examples