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International Management & Information Systems - Online M.A.


International Management & Information Systems - Online M.A.
(Postgraduate part-time study course)

Boost your career with a Master’s degree in International Management & Information Systems and prepare for leadership roles in a globalized economy. Study online - from everywhere, at any time.

The course at a glance

Who is the study course aimed at and what career prospects does it offer?

IMIS Online builds on a Bachelor’s or diploma degree in economics (business), business informatics or a comparable field of study and the first years of employment. The program is aimed at up-and-coming employees who wish to further develop their knowledge in management and IT.

Target Group

The program is aimed at professionals and is designed in such a way that they do not have to give up their jobs but can study part-time and primarily online (also from outside Germany). Therefore, the in total 90 credits are spread across 4 semesters, resulting in a reduced workload in the respective semesters. The online course format enables students to study from anywhere and at anytime.

Career prospects

The objective of the professional IMIS Online course is to qualify ambitious employees for future leadership roles considering the requirements of modern information and communication systems. In addition to the further development of expert knowledge, a central objective is the development of self-management, social and methodological competencies.

How is the study course structured? / Overview of the study course

The Master’s program International Management & Information Systems ‑ Online (IMIS Online) is a professional part-time course that is conducted online apart from two on-campus phases, thus the course provides students the opportunity to obtain the M.A. degree while continuing their professional employment.

State-of-the-art technologies allow for a sophisticated distance learning experience, which is supplemented with a face-to-face introductory week and a face-to-face summer camp on campus. The design of a self-study that is flexible and adapted to individual learning processes is ensured by e-lectures, web-based trainings, interactive virtual collaborative learning concepts as well as by a consequent course coordination through the Learning Management System Moodle.

The two on-campus phases can be joined online from distance if physical attendance is not possible.

The program has a standard period of study of four semesters, a volume of 90 credits, and comprises thirteen compulsory modules as well as a Master's project consisting of a Master's thesis (21 credits) and a colloquium (4 credits).

The modules in the first three semesters have a scope of 20 credits. The fourth semester, which includes a module on research methods in addition to the Master's project, comprises 30 credits.

Content of the study course

This study course leads to a university degree in the field of business administration, with a curricular focus on the areas of “Management” and “Information Systems”. Graduates acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills both in the individual areas of the integrated management approach (Business Marketing Management, Corporate Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Management Accounting & Finance) and in the information-related and strategy-oriented IT subjects (Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Intelligence, Information Management, Electronic Business).

At the same time, the relationship between IT and management will be addressed by dealing with the management of IT resources as well as the potential of IT as an enabler of new business models and management approaches.

A distinct international component is ensured by the full implementation of the English language and the associated multicultural student group as well as the corresponding design of the modules.

Curriculum International Management & Information Systems - Online M.A.

1st Semester2nd Semester3rd Semester4th Semester
International ManagementBusiness Process ManagementBusiness Marketing ManagementResearch Methods
International EconomicsCorporate Entrepreneurship & InnovationLeadership & Change ManagementMaster’s Project: Final Thesis + Colloquium
Management Accounting & FinanceE-BusinessBusiness Intelligence
Business InformaticsEnterprise Resource PlanningInformation Management

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Master’s Project

International Management & Information Systems - Online M.A.:
Further Information

Program Structure and Qualification Goals

Examination Regulations

for International Management & Information Systems - Online M.A.

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Program Coordinator
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