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IMIS – Online M.A.



Program Structure & Qualification Goals*

Program Structure

The four-semester course with a total of 90 credits comprises thirteen compulsory modules and a Master's project consisting of a Master's thesis (21 credits) and a colloquium (4 credits). The modules in the first three semesters have a scope of 20 credits. The fourth semester, which includes a module on Digital Product & Project Management in addition to the Master's project, comprises 30 credits.

The concept of eLearning within all semesters enables studying flexibly at any location and at any time. However, an introductory attendance week and a summer camp (one week) distinguish the program from pure online formats and offer additional social networking opportunities and didactic potential (e.g., interactive formats in the group and with the lecturers). Both introductory week and summer camp can be joined online if physical attendance is not possible.

The online study program is coordinated via the learning management system Moodle, which is used to carry out the modules. In addition to the common Moodle-activities, e-lectures and web-based trainings are also used in many modules.

The examinations in the individual modules are carried out either in the form of seminar papers, project works, portfolio examinations, or as written and oral examinations in the scope of the summer camp (attendance is compulsory).

1s semester Onboarding Week Fundamentals
2nd semester Specialization
3rd semester Summer Camp Leadership &Change Management
4th semester Research

Qualification Goals

The objective of the professional IMIS Online course is to qualify ambitious employees for future leadership roles considering the requirements of modern information and communication systems. In addition to the further development of expert knowledge, a central objective is the development of self-management, social and methodological competencies.

In detail, the program aims to achieve the following qualification goals:

  • Development of scientific knowledge and application-oriented competencies in BA and IS: Graduates have in-depth scientific knowledge in the fields of business administration and IT. Further, they should be able to identify innovation potential in the context of complex information systems and business processes and to design and implement change processes accordingly.
  • Imparting of digital literacy and international, multicultural and social competencies. The online learning environment systematically fosters the students’ media and virtual social competences. Due to the English-language instruction within the study program modules and the international background of the students, the students’ foreign language and intercultural skills are further developed. The academic discourse in the international student group promotes the intercultural awareness of the students and creates added value beyond the subject by learning about other cultures.
  • Enabling lifelong learning and proactive change management skills. The IMIS Online course strengthens the students’ ability for self-directed lifelong learning. The growing heterogeneity of information and the fast pace of technology-driven change in today’s business world require the systematic and critical handling of information and the proactive design of change processes.

*Only the German version of the Examination Regulations is legally binding.