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International Management & Information Systems M.A.


International Management & Information Systems M.A.

Optimize your business, management, and IT skills by boosting your leadership roles in a tech-based globalized economy. Study International Management & Information Systems and discover your potentials!

The course at a glance

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You can apply for the summer semester 2023 from 15 May to 15 November 2022 (Non-EU students) or 1 December 2022 to 31 January 2023 (EU students).

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What will the course be like?
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Who is the study course aimed at and what career prospects does it offer?

IMIS builds on a four years Bachelor’s degree (consists of at least 210 ECTS) in business, business informatics, economics, or similar field of studies. The program is aimed at developing students' knowledge in business, management, and IT.

Target Group

The program is designed for business, business informatics, economics graduates who are seeking first-hand experience in business, management, and IT throughout the study program in a blended learning environment. In the second semester, students have the advantage to choose their desired career path either in business management, or IT, or a combination of both by selecting external options such as internship, study abroad, elective modules. Therefore, a total of 90 ECTS are spread across 3 semesters, resulting in a rational distribution of workload in the respective semesters.

Career prospects

The objective of the IMIS Master’s study is to prepare students for future leadership roles considering the requirements of modern information and communication systems. Along with the further development of expert knowledge, a core objective is the development of self-management, social, and methodological competencies.

The intercultural experience & diversity of IMIS is really unique: Students come as foreigners and leave with friends from all over the world. Personal and intensive support from lecturers and staff as well as great job opportunities by integrating management and IT and practical experiences into the studies has made IMIS an exceptional Master’s study program. You are warmly welcome – come and join us!

Prof. Dr. Valerie Wulfhorst (IMIS Course Director)

How is the study course structured? / Overview of the study course

The Master’s program International Management & Information Systems (IMIS) prepares students for leadership roles in a globalized economy where the intelligent use of IT systems is becoming a critical success factor. Therefore, the English-language degree course is meeting this demand by offering a two-fold qualification where IT-related subjects are coupled with key Business Administration competencies.

State-of-the-art technologies allow for exclusive distance-learning opportunities and an optional integrated study abroad or practical experience (internship) semester provides students with additional career prospects.

The program has a standard period of study of three semesters starting in the summer semester, a volume of 90 credits, and comprises a Master's project consisting of a Master's thesis (16 credits) and a colloquium (4 credits). (See more in Program Structure)

Content of the study course

This study program focuses on the areas of “Management” and “Information Systems” where the graduates acquire comprehensive knowledge, experiences, and skills both in the individual areas of the integrated management approach (Business Marketing Management, Corporate Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Management Accounting & Finance) and in the information-related and strategy-oriented IT courses (Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Intelligence, Information Management, E-Business).

Simultaneously, the relationship between IT and management will be addressed by dealing with the management of IT resources as well as the potential of IT as an enabler of new business models and management approaches.

A distinct international environment is ensured by the full implementation of the English language and the associated diversified multicultural student group as well as the corresponding design of the modules.

Curriculum International Management & Information Systems M.A.

1st SemesterBusiness Marketing ManagementCorporate Entrepreneurship & InnovationJournal ClubBusiness IntelligenceE-BusinessInformation Management
2nd SemesterManagement Accounting & FinanceVirtual/Intercultural CommunicationEnterprise Resource PlanningElectives:

Choose from:
Advanced International Economics,
Product and Process Management,
International Studies I: Global Business,
International Studies II: Information Systems,
IS Project

Practical Experience/
Internship in a company

Study abroad
3rd SemesterManagement CommunicationResearch MethodsMaster’s Project:
Final Thesis and Colloquium

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Optional: Choose the option that matches with your skills

International Management & Information Systems M.A.: Further Information

Program Structure and Qualification Goals

Examination Regulations and Module Descriptions

for International Management & Information Systems M.A.

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Are you interested?

You can apply for the summer semester 2023 from 15 May to 15 November 2022 (Non-EU students) or 1 December 2022 to 31 January 2023 (EU students).

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Program Coordinator
Asif Shahriar
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Room: 04.107

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