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IT Services

Welcome to the IT Services!

The IT Services address information processing tasks for teaching and research as well as for the university administration.

The main focus is to ensure, implement and update the operation of the campus network and central servers and services. Furthermore, the care and maintenance of central pool facilities for teaching operations are included in the duties.



via E-Mail

via Phone: 02371 - 4356000
(voice mail outside opening hours)

Local User Support

If you require individual advice or support in using the services offered (e.g. in setting up a wireless LAN network), the employees of the IT Services are available to provide user advice at all sites.

  • Hagen campus: Room MU 21
  • Iserlohn campus: Room ZE.01
  • Lüdenscheid campus: Room 0.07
  • Meschede campus: Room 1.2.16
  • Soest campus: Room 04.313

Here you can find the current opening hours. However, it is strongly recommended to make an appointment via IT-ServiceDesk.

IT Services at a Glance


At the South Westphalia University of Applied Scien?ces, the student ID in the format of a chip card is called Chiporello. If you decide to use it with a photograph, the Chiporello is valid without an additional photo ID. It is also used as the library card and an integrated cash card chip enables cashless payments–e.g. in the dining hall. You can find important and current information on the Chiporello here.

User ID and Password

A number of services, such as Webmail, logging in to the computers in the PC pools, etc., require authentication. You can find your access data with your initial password in the letter which you received in the course of enrolment. Here you can find out how to change your password and all further information about your user ID.

University Portal

In the university portal (Hochschulportal) students can administrate their studies. For example, here you can change your personal data and also set up a forward of your university email to your private email account.
Login page:

Virtual Service Centre

In the Virtual Service Centre, you can register and withdraw from examinations, view your transcript of records and use further functions. For questions regarding the content of your studies (e.g. enrolment, reregistration, examinations, etc.), the Student Service Office on your site is the right contact point.
Login page:

Printing, Photocopying and Scanning

In the PC pool areas, you will find central printing systems at all sites. Authentication at the printer is carried out with the Chiporello. The usage requires sufficient printing credit; the cash card chip cannot be used for printing. Information about printing credit and printing costs can be found here.

PC Pools

You will find PC pools at all sites, which you can also use for working on your own if no teaching activities take place there. Please pay attention to the class schedules and do not disturb ongoing teaching activities by entering the rooms. Please note: Due to technical protection measures, locally stored files on the C:\ drives of the PC pool computers are lost whenever the computer is restarted. Class schedules, lists of currently available software, information on the room equipment and the terms and conditions for using the rooms can be found here.

Wireless LAN

In many areas of the university the wireless network eduroam is available and can be accessed via most mobile devices. Once set up, you can even use eduroam at many other universities worldwide and surf for free. Just try it. Here you can find a description of how to gain access.


If you want to use certain services from home that are normally only available on the campus (intranet), such as some library services, you must first set up a VPN connection to the university network. Instructions for various operating systems can be found here.


In combination with your user ID, we have already created an email address "*" for you, which you can access via with the user ID described above. As an alternative, you can also access your emails with an email programme or forward all incoming emails to a private email account. You can find instructions and further information here.


Here we have collected information on the software offer for students (Office 365, Sophos Antivirus, Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching, MATLAB, …).

Sciebo – The Campus Cloud

You can store up to 30 GB of data free of charge during your studies in the campus cloud sciebo, which complies with the German Data Protection Act. You can access your data worldwide. We have set up a shortcut on the desktop in the PC pools, which makes access particularly easy. You can find all further information and the instructions for the necessary registration here.

Login Page

On our Login Page you will find a number of links to the login pages of many other online services of the university. Among others, these are the " FH forum", "VPIS–Teaching Schedule and Information" as well as "KAI–the library's online catalogue" and the "eLearning platform Moodle".