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Energy Lump Sum

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Energy Lump Sum

Application is possible starting from 15 March 2023

Students can find further information about the one-off payment amounting to 200 euros on the following website. An information hotline is also available:

Info site on the energy lump sum payment by the Federal Government

Hotline: +49 800 2623 003

Available: Tuesday to Thursday from 8am to 4pm and Friday from 8am to 12pm

The German Government decided by the end of 2022 to pay students a one-off payment in the amount of 200 euros (tax-free) upon application in order to relieve them as a result of the increased burdens due to higher costs for heating, electricity and food.

For this purpose, the Student Energy Price Flat Rate Act (EPPSG) came into force on 21 December 2022. The website was already activated in February.

The website already provides helpful information for applicants - approximately 3.5 million people from more than 4,000 educational institutions throughout Germany - who are expected to be eligible to apply. After completion of all preparations (by the state and the Federal Government), applications will be possible starting from 15 March 2023.

You can already take some important actions to save time later on:

For registration, you need a BundID account, which you can already create. To prove your identity, you also need your online ID or your personal Elster certificate.

How does the procedure work?

For a successful application at, students need a BundID along with a personal access code and, optionally, an individual PIN. You can find these two access details at our university portal. You can find more information on this under step 2.

Before you can complete your application, you will first need a BundID. Please follow the three steps as described here:

Step 1 - Create a BundID account

The BundID features a central account for identification for all your online applications (e.g. with an online ID card). You can pre-fill the online application form by entering your personal data. This saves time, is secure and prevents typing errors.
Please click here to create a BundID account.

Notes on spelling:
A successful payment of the energy lump sum is only possible if your data in your BundID account matches the personal data from our university portal. Consequently, it is very important that you check which data is recorded in the university portal and that it is not different from that of your BundID account.
You can access all application-relevant data (first name(s), surname and date of birth) recorded in the system and already transmitted to the relevant authority in the university portal.

Create a BundID account

Step 2 - Retrieve your access data

The authorisation code required for the application and an additional PIN are available in the online portal of the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences starting from 15 March 2023.

You will find this data directly after logging in here:

Landing page> Latest Notifications > My EPPSG Authorisation Code

Please note: We, as a higher education institution, will only provide you with the access data that you need to submit your application and that we cannot provide any information on the application or the status of the application process. For this purpose, please contact the above-mentioned information website or hotline.

University portal

Step 3 - Start your application

You can only start the application process after you have created a BundID and received your personal access data. You will be asked to enter the following data on the first page:

  • Your personal access code
  • Federal state of the educational institution or university (=North Rhine-Westphalia)
  • and your PIN (optional)

You can easily copy your 36-digit access code in the online portal. This prevents incorrect manual entries when submitting your application.

Apply for the lump sum payment

Who is eligible for the energy lump sum payment?

These groups are eligible for the energy lump sum payment in the amount of 200 euros (cut-off date 01 December 2022 and residence in Germany):

  • Students
  • Students in vocational classes whose attendance requires vocational training leading to a vocational qualification
  • Students in techincal and vocational schools in courses of education leading to a vocational qualification of at least two years' duration
  • Students in comparable educational programmes

Questions and answers / FAQ

There is a number of information sources available for you to find answers to your unanswered questions:

Information on data protection

The application is not carried out at the university, but via a central digital application platform provided by the Federal Government and the states. The university is not responsible for carrying out the application procedure in terms of data protection.

However, to enable eligible applicants to submit an application, the university is legally obliged to provide the first name, surname and date of birth of each person to the application platform.

Your name and date of birth will be encrypted with the access key provided by the university. Furthermore, the hash value of the access key and a PIN (also encrypted) are transmitted. Moreover, the provision of your data to the responsible authority includes the declaration that you were enrolled at the university on 01 December 2022 and that you belong to the group of eligible persons.