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Business Administration with Informatics B.A.


Business Administration with Informatics (B.A.)

The BBA study course delivers a general and broad education in business in combination with information technology, focusing on modern business enterprise tools such as ERP. An international team of lecturers prepares students from approx. 60 countries to effectively navigate the complexities of the global marketplace while maintaining sensitivity towards local needs.The multicultural campus environment, as well as the internationally focused course content, will be an outstanding experience in your life. The high-quality standard of education along with practice-oriented up-to-date content will perfectly prepare you for your future career. Moreover, partnerships with other universities and companies from all over the world will enrich your international experience

The course at a glance

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What will the course be like?
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Who is the study course aimed at and what career prospects does it offer?

The study course is aimed at prospective students who want to acquire broad and application-oriented knowledge in business administration coupled with applied computer science skills as well as international competencies through improved English language and intercultural skills.

Target Group

The study course is perfect for anyone who regards themselves as an internationally active team player in business and who would like to develop solutions in the field of applied informatics. The course combines a broad and comprehensive education in business administration with information technology. A focus is set on modern business enterprise tools such as SAP and e-commerce. Students from more than 65 countries, taught by international lecturers, already learn the characteristics of intercultural cooperation during their studies.

Career prospects

The objective of the BBA Bachelor’s study is, among other things, the development of analytical problem-solving skills. Employment opportunities for students are far superior if they can demonstrate practice-oriented knowledge, e.g. ERP software (SAP ERP) as well as practical experiences through co-operations with businesses. In addition, the international focus in modules such as Marketing, Innovation Management, Controlling, Business Law, Business Administration, Economics, and Net Economy further boosts international career prospects or applications for international Master’s programs.
For our consecutive Master’s program, please see International Management and Information Systems (IMIS), which focuses on the integrated acquisition of IT and leadership skills to address the increasing importance of information technology in (internationally) linked businesses.

Nastassia Schulz

"I would definitely recommend the study program »Business Administration with informatics«. First of all, I find the professors and instructors at the university very friendly and helpful. The curriculum has a good structure, interesting courses, and a variety of electives that provide me with the real knowledge and practical experience that are essential for my future career."

Mbitimeh Roelof Efu

"I chose to study BBA - Business Administration with Informatics, because it is empowering for future careers in the business space across management areas. I was able to start working and excel in the Finance department at an IT company only after my first three semesters. This study program will impact you with knowledge and skills that would give you a competitive edge in the job market and at your job. I wanted a degree program that could help me match up with the technological transformation going on in the business space and at the same time educate me on management concepts and models across disciplines. If you want to be an entrepreneur or employee of the future, then this is the right degree course for you."

How is the study course structured?

The English-language study course provides you with a solid background in two core areas, each with their individual diverse applications and methods: Business, including Accounting, Logistics, Management, and Marketing, as well as Economics. IT, including ERP, E-Business and IT Introduction.
In addition, you will gain in-depth knowledge in English for Business Purposes as well as Academic English and hone the soft skills necessary for your professional development and future career.

Content of the study course

This study program focuses on the two key areas of “Business Administration” and “Information Technology” where graduates acquire comprehensive knowledge, experiences, and skills in Business (Business Administration I and II, Financial Accounting, Business Mathematics, Economics. Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Logistics) and in the information-related and strategy-oriented IT courses (Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Intelligence, Information Management Systems, Databases, E-Business).
A multicultural environment is ensured through English-language instruction and the international focus in all courses as well as the diverse international student body.

In addition to a broad core curriculum, you will be able to select compulsory elective modules from the areas of Business Administration, IT or General Economics as study focus. A continuous development of your soft skills and English language proficiency rounds out your profile.

During the final stage of your studies we support you with your thesis project which can be carried out with or without a praxis partner. You will be able to choose your topic independently according to your profile and interests.

Curriculum Business Administration with Informatics

1st Semester2nd Semester3rd Semester4th Semester5th Semester6th Semester7th Semester
International English Communication and Self-ManagementCommunication in Global BusinessCompetence in Business ActivitiesEnglish for Academic Purposes Advanced English Language and Academic Competence Advanced Competence in Academic Writing and Presenting BA Elective
Business Administration IBusiness Administration IICorporate FinanceBusiness-to-Business MarketingControlling & AuditingBA ElectiveBA / IT Elective
Financial AccountingCost AccountingBusiness-to-Consumer MarketingLogisticsInternational ManagementBA ElectiveBA / IT Elective
Business MathematicsMicroeconomicsMacroeconomicsBusiness LawBA ElectiveBA ElectiveFinal Thesis + Colloquium
Management and Information SystemsProblem Solving Using Spreadsheet SoftwareEntrepreneurship and InnovationE-Business / Web DevelopmentBA ElectiveIT Elective
IT-IntroductionDatabasesEnterprise Resource Planning IEnterprise Resource Planning IIIT ElectiveIT Elective

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Electives: Study focus on BA, IT or General Business

Business Administration with Informatics B.A.: Further Information

Examination Regulations

for Business Administration with Informatics B.A.

Master‘s Degrees

Bachelor’s students of this course were interested in the following Master’s courses:

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This list is only an idea of possible consecutive Master’s degree courses. Prerequisite for a Master’s course is a subject-related qualification which is based, among others, on the field of study or specialisation chosen in the Bachelor's degree course. However, in addition to subject-related qualifications, the individual interest is of course also decisive. Therefore, the assessment of eligibility for the desired Master's course is an individual decision.

Academic Advising for Prospective Students will support you in the case of questions and, if necessary, direct you to the right contact person.

You can find an overview of all Master's courses at the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences here.

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